Hear Susan Pettit’s story and learn about her qualifications.

From petty theft to murder, Susan Pettit can handle nearly any criminal case.

Retain a lawyer with a record of success in federal criminal court.

Have You Been Arrested for a Serious Crime?

Rely on a qualified criminal defense lawyer

The moment you’re put in handcuffs, the truth sinks in. You’re going to have to defend your legal rights to maintain your freedom. You need to retain a responsible attorney to prepare for what’s coming next.

If you’re in the Columbus area, reach out to the Law Office of Susan Pettit. Susan is a qualified attorney prepared to represent individuals who face criminal charges. She has years of experience working on misdemeanor, felony and federal criminal cases. Let’s discuss your case – contact the Law Office of Susan Pettit right now at 614-596-2889.

Act now to prepare a comprehensive criminal defense strategy

Regardless of the issue at hand, your case deserves reliable representation, expert guidance and undivided attention. Work with an attorney who will safeguard your best interests during this trying time. If you find yourself at the mercy of the criminal justice system, turn to the Law Office of Susan Pettit. For your free consultation, call 614-596-2889.

Effectively representing clients in criminal cases

Susan Pettit is passionate about what she does. If your case turns out to be a good match for Susan’s knowledge and expertise, you’ll be able to rely on her counsel right away. Consult with the Law Office of Susan Pettit right now for assistance with:

  • Misdemeanors: including petty theft and domestic violence cases
  • Felonies: including drug, rape, weapon and murder cases
  • Federal felonies: including mail fraud, bank robbery and tax evasion cases

Susan Pettit is a member of the Ohio Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. She has proven herself to be a valuable asset for those facing both minor and serious charges. To get through the toughest situation of your life, choose Susan Pettit for invaluable assistance.

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